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The Brave and Determined Charity

The Brave and Determined Charity (1202749) funds access to early intervention life-saving counselling for any one in England who is suffering from mental health challenges.

Counselling is provided by a range of approved counselling providers who are accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Our mission (through our charitable work) is to provide free support to anyone who needs it; to reduce the burden and waiting lists for NHS mental health services and to raise awareness of mental health and where people can access support and advice.


Developed by Adam Collins and Adam Harvey, the Brave and Determined Company donates all of its profits from the sale of its products to the Brave and Determined Charity.

The Brave and Determined Charity uses this funding to achieve it’s charitable objectives, these include but are not limited to;



The relief of the mental sickness of any persons in England who are in need, in particular by the provision of counselling and support for such persons.



The relief of financial hardship by the provision of free counselling and assistance to any persons in England who, through lack of means, would otherwise be unable to obtain such advice.



The advancement of mental health through the free provision of counselling and increased awareness of mental health and the support services available in England, to people experiencing a mental health challenge.

Looking for help?

Are you (or someone you know) looking for counselling help?

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