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about Us

Our model is simple: We take the profits generated from sales of our quality, stylish and affordable clothing and accessories and use them to give people access to essential counselling services.


That means every time you make a purchase from the Brave and Determined Company (BaD Co) you help someone access lifesaving counselling services.

Wear BaD, do good.

Who we are

I’m Adam and so is he! We’re the founders of The Brave and Determined Company.

We’re husbands (not each other’s), dads, brothers, friends, we have regular 9-5’s as well as one of us being an on-call firefighter with Dorset & Wiltshire Fire & Rescue and when we aren’t at work you can find us at the gym, pretending to be Athletes in the making.

And we’ve both suffered with mental health challenges.


We've experienced the benefits of therapy, exercise and community and believe these should be accessible to all.

Whilst our journeys may have differed we both know how much exercise was, and continues to be, a pivotal part of our recovery and we’re not just talking about the physical side.

We’re lucky enough to be part of an awesome community which not only pushes us to our limits physically, but has allowed us to make new lifelong friends (and business partners!) who offer help and support when we need it most.

So when you purchase some BaD merchandise these are the faces you’ll be putting even bigger smiles on.

BADCo boys.jpg

Adam & Adam

Want to help us in our goal to provide that early intervention counselling? Grab yourself some Brave and Determined apparel! 

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