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Shop our Brave and Determined clothing and coffee

to support those who need early intervention life saving counselling.

100% of our profits go straight to those who desperately need counselling.



34% of people who see a doctor in the UK about their mental health DON'T receive the help they need.

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We're in a crisis

Services are overwhelmed, costs are spiralling and the mental health of the world is in peril.

The Brave and Determined Company exists in an attempt to change this.

Our model is simple: We take the profits generated from sales of our quality, stylish and affordable clothing and accessories and use them to give people access to essential counselling services.


That means every time you make a purchase from the Brave and Determined Company (BaD Co) you help someone access lifesaving counselling services. Wear BaD, do good.

The BADCo Charity

The Brave and Determined Charity funds access to early intervention life-saving counselling for any one in England who is suffering from mental health challenges.


The REALLY BaD Mental Health Podcast

Three great friends from a Crossfit gym in rural Dorset are trying to break the stigma around mental health by talking about the up's and down's of life.

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